North Hatley, Café Massawippi

Today was the first and only day in North Hately, PQ.  Here is a photo of where we’re staying.

Where we stay.

The motorycycle safely parked on the side of the road. Someone named Marge is renting the cottage in front and she painted the tree stump.


Last night we had a lovely dinner with friends Naisi and Pierre. She has a beautiful antique store in North Hatley called the Pomegranate.  You can see inside the store HEREand the outside

The Pomegranate

She has a lot of wonderful stuff and if you are in the area, stopping by would be a good thing. We ended up with a most wonderful candle holder and other stuff too.

Since this is our tenth anniversary, and we were nearby…opposite Naisi’s store…the church…

The Church

This afternoon, after a wonderful lunch by Colin, with amazing smoked salmon, we thought a bike ride down the old railway path was in order and we rode bicycles to Lennoxville. I am very happy that the old rail routes are being used as bicycle paths. I am saddened that they aren’t being used as rail lines when I see all the trucks on the highway driving like mad when the load could be on a train parallel to the road. We benefit by having beautiful trails to ride, walk or run on with some amazing wilderness. Today, two deer ran in front off us, and when they heard the bicycles they bounded away. Just an amazing site.

For dinner, we thought we’d try the Cafe Massawippi. A place we had not been to before, but had talked about going to have dinner many times before.

Cafe Massawippi, North Hatley Quebec

This place has earned the number two spot in the best meals we’ve had book. Suser Lee was number one many years ago on King St. in Toronto.

We had rabbit, elk, duck, shrimp, beef, seared tomatoes, strawberry shortcake, rhubarb sorbet, chocolate with a peanut butter marshmallow, wine parings, and fabulous service that was not pretentious at all. Just wonderful. There was a thunderstorm outside while we ate, but we didn’t notice until we were on our way home and the streets were soaking and the clean country air after a rain was sweet to breath.

We’ll be returning to our doggie tomorrow and I am thinking about buying a throttle lock on the way home.


Pierre and Linda

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