The first and second day of the Motorcycle Trip

I think these photos will be better and perhaps with better explanations. As I get used to writing and posting photos to this blog. I am hoping to experiment during this trip so that when we get to Iceland and other trips it will be easy to follow.

This is going to be a link from Smugmug to this page for a photo. It should be of our poor dog sulking as she knows that we are going away.

Lucy worried about being left at the kennel

This is my stuff going on the trip

This is stuff that Linda is taking

Here are a couple of photos of Linda and I packing the bike.

Pierre stuffing things into the paniers

Linda getting ready to go.

Pierre sitting at the cafe in Picton with some coffee and carrot cake.

Pierre sitting and having a coffee

Linda having coffee

The above photos are from yesterday and we started heading to the Glenora ferry.

The Glenora FerryLinda on the Glenora ferry

After the ferry we headed though Kingston – very bad traffic and it started to get annoying. It took more than an hour to get out of that city but we managed. We then crossed the border over the Ivy Lee and remembered that the last time we rode over that bridge it was very windy – to the point of worrying about being blown onto the guardrails. This time it was gorgeous and the view stunning. I was unable to connect with Bell to get a US data plan so we didn’t log too much of the trip through New York.

As the day progressed, the ride started to get long in the tooth. The sun was setting and we still had about four hours left according to the GPS and we were in the ten hour range already. We decided to head back to Canada and spend the night there. The closest being Valleyfield. Eleven hours on the bike. Linda wanted me to take photos so that we can remember not to ride that long. hahaha…

Free drinks with dinner, a Scandinavian room, very comfortable and roomy.

Pierre and the Plaza hotel in Valleyfield

We rode for a couple of hours hoping that it wouldn’t rain. The weather held out but the traffic was brutal. It was interesting that near the hydro dam (sorry no photos) we went under the St. Lawrence river then over it on a bridge. The traffic became even worse – we stopped for coffee.

Pierre with a Tim Horton's CoffeeWhere the above photo was taken

I think that’s all for today. I hope the photos show up as intended. If they don’t please let me know and I will fix it.


Pierre and Linda

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