Linda, Pierre and Mary

Pierre and Linda are just a couple of normal people who chose to do different things, and be broke most of the time – good thing we have jobs – and often travel to interesting locations.

We are members of the Seven Continents Club, where the goal is to run a marathon on each of the continents, and my personal goal is to do this on islands – for example: Europe was run in Iceland (a volcanic island), South America was run on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and King George Island was for Antarctica.


This takes us to interesting places.

We also travel on a motorcycle at least once a year and run wherever we stay. For some reason the motorcycle attracts rain so we have run in some fantastic thunderstorms.

Full photo sets from our travels are found on Pierregy Photos

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  1. Rashminotes says:

    Lovely blog! Look forward to reading many of your posts:)

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