Antarctica Trip from March…finally!

I know…this should have been done months ago…we were in Ushuaia and this is the ship we took down to Antarctica. We are all boarding from the gangplank. This was the first of two ships that went South to Antarctica. Managable size with a thick hull and able to withstand harsh weather.


i-7fkk3st-m Here is Linda in line to board. A whole lot of excited people wondering how they will fare going through the Drake passage; some of the roughest waters around.


This was our home for 10 days; both views…on the fourth deck. Window and a private bathroom…woohoo.


As usual in our travels, rain and snow…Linda is well prepared with waterproof stuff and enjoying the sleet coming down and heading toward Antarctica.


This was a surprise number to call in case of emergency…a sense of humour from the soviet era?


Jim is checking out the safety equipment. I like the shorts!


This was the first iceberg we saw. There was a contest on the ship about the location and time…lots of fun…as we got closer, you can see a small colony of penguins on the lower right of the iceberg.


Some amazing skies and the photo cannot do it any justice.


That research area is where the Antarctica Marathon was run…it’s in sunshine now!


These cool  Zodiacs are what take us to and fro…they are about to take us on our first excursion.


Our first glimpses of penguins and seals.i-dbx5w5t-xli-qdx8mbz-xl

Some beautiful landscapes.


The next post will include the race…

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