Step back week and the run.

Today Linda and I ran a 24km long run. It has been a step-back week and we put the run off for an extra day hoping for cooler weather. We ran through St. James and Mount Pleasant cemeteries as well as off the beaten path in Rosedale then the Kay Gardiner Beltway. Most of it was in shade and very nice to run through, when we ended up running in the sun at the 20km mark, it was almost unbearable. At Yonge St. and the Beltway, there was a memorial water fountain dedicated to someone who had enjoyed walking on that path but wished there was a water fountain. Linda and I had been talking about how nice the beltway was and how wonderful it would be to have a water fountain available. We appreciated the fountain.

We are still trying to determine what we should do for the 6 hours we’ll be in Reykjavik before our flight to Heimaey.



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