From PCT to Portland

The day started with a spectacular view across the river.

We decided since we were at a trailhead we should do a short hike on the Pacicfic Crest Trail.


Then off to Portland, Oregon, we rode. Starving, we found the food carts. Linda ordered mango avocado curry and I had the eggplant and shrimp balls.

Then we tried the transit system. We tried the new Orange line. On the Friday when we first arrived in Portland the GPS had misdirected us and on one of the turns we arrived at the opening ceremony for this line, but didn’t stay…so we glad to take it this day.

On the return trip we decided to walk across. In one of the photos there is a small submarine.

What trip to Portland would be complete without a trip to Powell Books? A whole block long and three stories high.

Then a long walk to find the spectacular and well scented rose garden in Portland’s Washington Park.

Leaving, there was this view of Portland through the trees.

Just hug one.


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