Very rainy day

It has now rained for three days and the streets are flooding but the tours continue even though we have to wipe the fog from the window of the bus.

Today’s firs stop is the winery Indomita just outside of Santiago.

This is a toll booth. Lots of them in Chile.


The view from the wine house.


The tanks.

We then went to Valparaiso on the coast.


A view down one of the streets.

La Sebastina is a house of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda – very eclectic with amazing views – now a museum.


The Ascensor. Some people used to get home this way.


The exit.


The view from the top.


The entrance to the restaurant where we had lunch in Vina del Mar.


Our dinner – seafood salad with crab empinadas.

Tomorrow we fly to Rapa Nui – Easter Island. I don’t know if there will be Internet.

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