To Saskatoon

We left Medicine Hat and once again…the rain.


we arrived at some rodents


Then the town of Leader, SK…with it’s toys…the tourist info trailer was closed. We wondered what it was all about.


Did you know Saskatchewan has great big sand dunes…we started on our way…down this dirt road.


It was pretty good on the GS at first…this turned into very soft and fresh gravel for about 20km…then the sand started.

i-365jr6s-l Then the sand became soft sand and once that happened. We really didn’t want to be on a heavy bike, fully loaded with two of us riding…we tried only Pierre riding but the front still dug into the sand…we finally gave up and returned to the soft gravel…within sight of the dunes…next time in a truck maybe.

We make it to Saskatoon and stayed a little out of town at the first hotel we came to after a long ride. The next day we went down to the river for a boat cruise.

i-kr4mt9m-l Rain once again…but it was nice. We waited for the boat ride folks to arrive.





We found a lovely garden.


Finally the riverboat ride.


The Saskatchewan river is big; we saw it in Edmonton too…


Railway crossing too…


And some wildlife.


From there we headed towards Winnipeg and had an overnight at a place called Russell…with the Russell Inn providing us with dry, warm, a cool water slide and a nice bar.

The Antarctica trip is still at least two posts away for those checking.


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