Lake Louise and Banff

Ran out of reliable WiFi thus the late posts. Lots of laziness once we returned….

This was the bungalow we stayed in:


The view from the bench.i-h4sfhfd-l

We had a quick look at the Lake.i-tjmqj3j-l

The Paradise Bungalow and lodge was just what we needed. Cozy and warm and we chose to stay an extra day. The frost on the motorcycle made that easy.

This was yesterday and this morning. How did he get so grey? IMG_4619-0

We had stopped at Lake Louise late last evening but it was too crowded, so we had to go back when there were less people. It was gently busy early and after our walk down the path, the tour buses arrived and we had to leave.


A quite view of the canoes on Lake Louise.



Linda on the almost private trail – it’s good to wake up early.

The Chateau Lake Louise


We went to Banff and rode the Gondola.



Just after I took the below photo of Linda, we heard a squeaking sound and looked around. A big beautiful Bald Eagle flew just a few feet above our heads; we could feel the wind from the beating wings.


The gondola was a very nice idea.




On the drive back to Lake Louise we stopped by the side of the road. At first I thought it was just a playground; but, reading the signs, we found out that this was a display of how the Park has made it easier for the animals to cross the road. Some animals prefer overpasses and others the underpass.


As we headed to the beautiful bungalow we thought a short side trip to Moraine Lake would be cool – hopefully not literally as the sun was setting. The next few shots include a photo that is similar to the back of one of the old Canadian twenty dollar bills.







That’s it for now. I will try to revive the rest of the trip back to Toronto as well.

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