Packing for the Trip to Iceland and the Reykjavik

The packing has begun! This means that we are really going to go. Linda is very good at traveling light and has convinced me that traveling light is really the better way to go. That’s very hard – I want to take everything.
This is some of the stuff Linda is planning on taking.This is what Linda has to take – really that’s all of it.



Pierre’s stuff

As we packed, I kept thinking of more stuff to bring along – Linda asks “why do you need that”? I think now the stuff in the red suitcase is good – I bought a nice ExOfficio (great customer service from them – I asked a question about one of the shirt’s features and even on a Sunday I had an informative response) travel shirt at Europ Bound today and that also needs to go into the bag.

While at the Mountain Equipment Co-op I saw a wind up radio/flashlight/USB charger and solar charger. Hmmm…just another gadget that I don’t need. I wonder if I am going to buy it before we go or after…oh wait…i read the reviews and it will not charge an iPhone and barely a BlackBerry. So I am happy that I didn’t buy it.

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