Glenora ferry, The LONG ride, Valleyfield

Once we finished the coffee we left Picton, we rode to the Glenora ferry.

Here is Linda on the ferry.20110808-235622.jpg

Once we left the ferry we made our way to the Ivy Lee and thought we’d head down and try this trip through New York state. The distance should be shorter and we would avoid the rush through Montreal.

Kingston proved to be very heavy with traffic taking almost 45 minutes to get through…the temperature hitting 29 degrees C. It was a very uncomfortable time. The border crossing went uneventfully and we started our eastward trip along the south shore of the St. Lawrence. It was nice for a while as neither of us had traveled that route before. The last time we traveled through New York was a return trip from New England and we came through Lake Placid. Finding fuel and food was harder that I thought it would be but we managed and shared a sub at a gas station.  They day grew longer. I had estimated the total trip time at eleven hours – Linda wasn’t too happy about this part to start with – but had neglected the breaks or traffic slowing us. When the GPS unit recalculated the time we would arrive at North Hatley, and we still had more than three hours to ride after more than ten hours on the bike.  Both of us were becoming sore as this was the first long ride of the year. The GPS didn’t show any hotels nearby and Valleyfield was only a forty minute drive. We turned back to Canada as it darkened. The border crossing was again uneventful (except Linda had not signed her passport…I had been told about a month ago when I was heading to Las Vegas).

The bugs appeared and the sun set. This is not a good time for deer crossing the road and Linda kept reminding me of this as we sped to the Hotel in Valleyfield.

We ended up staying at the Plaza in Valleyfield where we received a CAA discount for a premium room and a complimentary drink with dinner. We thought that was a nice touch.

The bed is very comfortable – good night.







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