Picton and coffee

We had to stop in Picton as the burger we had at the Big Apple made us sleepy. Light rain was coming down in the sunshine  as we sat sitting sipping coffee and wondering how late we are going to be arriving at North Hatley.


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2 Responses to Picton and coffee

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Linda, Sure wish I would have known you were going on this trip, we could have met for lunch at the beautiful Lake on the Mountain restaurant & you should have stopped in to say hi. For info for the next time you are passing buy & want to stop, you exit at Wooler Road, Exit 522.Come towards Trenton, turn left at 2nd light, past Walmart turn left at 3rd light (there is a school on the corner) go to the end of the street & I am on the right before you turn the corner to McCauley. Sure would have loved to seen you.
    Great pictures

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