Marathon training, Grand Canyon Rafting, packing for trips

It was a long run day yesterday. We were supposed to run 34km or 21miles. The run didn’t start off all well for me but Linda was having a good run. We started off slow so that the mileage would be possible and perhaps even a negative split (last half faster than first half). The first 10km were easy even though a pain in my big toe changed my gait and the little pains that normally happen at the start and disappear as the run progresses continued. By 20km the heat and humidity were getting to me and breathing became an issue. Linda was still having a nice run. At this point in our run we were in nice parkland but a prominent hill was approaching. just after the 21.1km (half marathon) point. I thought if I walked the hill instead of running it, everything would work out. The heart rate monitor was showing a good level, even going up the hill. Linda ran the hill and said she’d wait at the top for me to catch up. I found needed to walk a little more when I caught up with Linda and tried running again. I was able to run for about two more minutes then had to walk, breathing became very tight once more. It was easy to inhale but as I was cramping up when I tried to exhale – we started to walk a little hoping that this would get better. This walk and run stuff wasn’t working and after 23.75km and Linda telling me that we should stop I turned off the Garmin and we started to walk. I think we walked another 1.5km but everything was pained but breathing became easier. We still haven’t figured out why it was such a bad run. This means that we have to do another long run next weekend. I am considering seeing a chiropractor regarding the pain in the foot. Our worse case scenario is downsizing the run to a half marathon – that’s the last resort.


Our friend, Tammie who is arranging the next year’s Grand Canyon trip suggested to Linda that we might be interested in a rafting trip – was sleeping at the time – This is an awesome six day rafting trip starting at Marble canyon and finishing just past Lava Falls. This does change the trip somewhat and adds six days to it. We may have to drop the Zion and Bryce Canyon portion. Linda suggested that we can add them to this year’s Las Vegas trip. I think this can work, though I still want to do the rim to rim to rim rather than just the one way but I might be outvoted. I might need to buy another camera for the boat trip as a good waterproof case for the camera I have costs more than the camera.


Tammie also suggested a packing URL How to make a packing list. This was interesting to visit and try out.  We are about to pack for a 4 day motorcycle trip as well as the trip to Iceland. The website reminded me of some of the things to take but there really wasn’t anything new, just a cool site to help remember what to do.



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