Preparing for Iceland, the Marathon and Heimaey Island

After touring Iceland last year in a car, Linda Y mentioned it to some friends Jim and Tammie and another Linda. They liked the idea of going there and running a half marathon. Linda Y thought it would be a wonderful idea if we ran the full marathon and it could be included in the seven continents club. This is a cool thing where one runs a full or half marathon on the seven continents and the Icelandic one would qualify us for Europe. That’s how it started. Photos from last year are HERE

Linda Y really wanted to see Heimaey island because of the volcano, Eldfell,  that erupted in 1973 and how the residents sprayed the lava with seawater to cool it to save the harbour. Here is the Wiki article. Thus we have arranged to spend a little time there. It would have been nicer to spend more time there but due to the timing of  flights in and out and meeting up with the rest of the Marathon Tours group we are there two nights and one whole day. Tammie, Jim and Linda C thought it would be nice to see that too, so we’re all going to Heimaey.

Linda Y thought it would be a lot of fun it I ran my first FULL marathon, 26.2 miles/ 42.2 kilometers in Iceland – I agreed and she started to prepare a training program (that even included a break week where I would be out of town) so that the marathon would be manageable in a slow but respectable time. I think that as long as I can finish this it will be respectable, but that’s another story. So the training started many weeks ago and so far our longest run has been 30km – yesterday we ran 16km and this is a step-back week so this weekend we’ll only run 24km. Next weekend will be the longest run at 34km and hopefully that will carry us through the 42.2 that we need to complete. Linda Y said that when she read accounts of others who have ran this race, the weather is unpredictable and can include great winds, rain and cold. This has made what to wear and take challenging.

We had thought of taking only carry on as we normally would for a 6 day trip, but the variation in weather will require more clothing than we’d normally take. Who knows we might even have a warm day there.

After our adventure in Heimaey we’ll be staying in Reykjavik and have arranged a couple of tours. The “golden triangle” tour as well as a tour of southern Iceland. When we were there last year, we didn’t make it to Althing where the first parliament of Iceland was held. Althing is interesting as it is also the place where the European and North American tectonic plates meet. In theory, it is possible to stand with a foot on each continent. ( I wonder if the marathon was held there with half in Europe and the other half in North America if you could qualify for two continents at the same time?).

The weather in Toronto has not been co-operating as it is extremely hot and humid; which has made running challenging and the potential for injury high.

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  1. Tammie says:

    I love the blog! Can’t wait for our Iceland adventure!

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